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Conveyancing satisfaction puts solicitors on the right track

20 Apr 2018

Posted in Conveyancing

It is good to see a recent report by the Solicitors Regulation Authority showing that three-quarters of people who are buying or selling property are happy with the quality of the conveyancing services they encounter.

The survey of people who had bought or sold a residential property in the past two years also showed that estate agents and personal recommendations were the most common methods for finding a conveyancing solicitor. To add to this, the cost and experience of firms were seen as the main factors in buying decisions.

Whilst, firms like ourselves at Pindoria Solicitors who deal with conveyancing here in London, are pleased with these findings, we cannot pretend that improvements still need to be made.

Among the relatively small, yet still significant 14% who were unhappy with the legal service they received, the most cited reasons were solicitors being too slow, poor communication, and also mistakes.

A fairly significant number of people, one fifth, did not think their law firm clearly explained the legal process.

Although we do conveyancing all the time for clients, , we appreciate the conveyancing process can be one that our clients may be unfamiliar with, so we have to explain the process clearly.

Conveyancing satisfaction

It is also good to realise that we have to balance speed with accuracy, as nearly everyone involved in property wants their transaction finalised as soon as possible.

This is where taking the time to really get to know your client and talk to them is so vital. Good solicitors will ensure that expectations are met when involved in conveyancing. We at Pindoria Solicitors realise that property sales and purchases are very important moments in people’s lives.

If you wish to know more about how we may be able to help with your property transactions, contact us today and speak to our conveyancing experts.