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Conveyancing Cybercrime Figures Show Importance of Trusted Solicitors

10 Jan 2017

Posted in Conveyancing

Recent figures from the Solicitors Regulation Authority showing that conveyancing transactions are the most affected area under attack from cyber criminals, illustrates the importance of using  trusted law firms.

Apparently, email hacks of conveyancing transactions have resulted in £7m of client losses reported in the last year and most crimes involves modifying emails directly, usually by hacking into the email system of an individual.

They then alter the client’s or conveyancing solicitors emails altering bank details, so funds go to the criminals.  Scams of this sort often take place on a Friday, as this is the time that most completions take place, whilst it also buys criminals time as the weekend helps to avoid detection.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors we are very aware of our responsibility to clients and take all precautions to ensure that all elements of our conveyancing are to the highest standard and this includes security.

Good conveyancing firms like Pindoria Solicitors do all they can to protect their clients and there is a willingness in the legal sector to combat this problem.

The SRA, as the regulator for such matters is doing its utmost to help its members stay as aware as possible, so as to manage the risks of cybercrime has also said that firms should protect themselves by focusing not just on technology, but also their people and training.

Good conveyancing law firms have a diligent approach to all transactions, but we ask the public stay engaged too. Whether you are a first-time buyer or using our remortgage lawyers we stay vigilant to attempted conveyancing cyber crime.

Be it London conveyancing firms or elsewhere it makes sense for the public to work with good solicitors with a proven track record in conveyancing.  They will be so much more aware of the risks.

Good law firms minimise risk as much as is possible, doing the utmost to protect clients.

In a much changed world, all of us must do all we can to stay ahead of criminals and raising awareness of such matters is the responsibility of all of us.