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Contested Wills Need Experts to Bring Swift Resolutions

29 Feb 2016

Posted in Probate

Contested wills have shot up dramatically in recent years and here in London and the South East this is more prevalent than practically anywhere else in the UK. It is little wonder because the price of property in London and associated regions is so high, meaning that many people who were relatively cash poor during their lives die with properties worth substantial amounts.

The London many knew in their younger days is a very different place to the leading world city we now have. However, this increase in contested wills is an unwanted distraction when dealing with the death of a close family member as we, as wills experts, are only too aware.

When a will is challenged or one hasn’t been made at all, it is often a very unpleasant affair and contentious probate has a terrible draining effect on families. There are often a great deal of legal implications for bringing or defending contested wills claim but sometimes there are funding options available to the parties. Having being deeply involved in contested wills cases for many years we believe it is better to act quickly and ensure you appoint someone with experience and the legal knowledge to cope with such a difficult matter.

However, experts in contested wills can soon arm their clients with the knowledge needed to know how to negotiate the road ahead, and also advise on preventative measures that can be taken by trustees and executors averting such disputes. However, we always urge clients to try to find a resolution as soon as possible. After all, legal costs can be great in contentious probate disputes.

It is best to speak to a legal expert to find dispute resolution options in order to reduce the stress and costs involved. Please contact our probate lawyers if you wish to know more about how we can help in such matters.