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Co-Habiting Figures Hit all Time High but Public Unaware of Lack of Legal Protection

11 Dec 2015

Posted in Family Law

In recent weeks it has been announced that the United Kingdom has a record number of co-habiting couple families.

Figures in November published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows that cohabiting couple families in the United Kingdom have reached 3.2 million, an increase of 29.7% in the past decade alone.

It’s a huge number, with many here in London and the South East and shows us just how much society has changed. Many of us old enough can recall that there was a stigma associated with unmarried couples living together and having children outside marriage and that was obviously difficult for those involved.

However, social attitudes have seismically changed in the past generation but what is alarming is despite this family law has not moved on.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, as we have said before too few people are unaware that they have no legal protection if their relationship falls by the wayside.

We would like that to alter that, and we believe it makes sense if family law accommodates itself to the fact that co-habiting couple families are the fastest growing family type in our country.

Sadly though, the law generally moves slowly and it will worry many reading this to hear that even now it is possible to live with someone for many years and to have a family together, and then a partner can leave without taking any responsibility for a former partner if the relationship fails.

Obviously, this has huge ramifications for people’s lives, particularly in cases where one of the couple has given up or reduced their income to raise a family.

Co-habitation and families by couples not married is a trend that will continue to grow, but the legal rights of those involved in such a relationship is not going to change any time soon.

Only by seeing a good local solicitor like Pindoria Solicitors for cohabitation agreement when the relationship is steady and obtaining sound legal advice about the best way to protect oneself, can co-habitees avoid any possible future problems.

We hope the public in London and the South East who are in this position take legal advice as soon as possible.