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Charity Survey Shows Discomfort Over Old Age Issues

24 Aug 2016

A recent survey has highlighted that too many people avoid talking about the issues of getting older. Independent Age said that around two out of three adults aged over 65 admitted they had never talked to their family about the topic.

To add to this, one in four over-65s said they were not planning to talk about the subject with their loved ones. They also said they didn’t plan to discuss matters, such as what care they wanted if they could no longer look after themselves.

What makes this all the more puzzling is that 82% of adults recognise it’s important to talk to older relatives about the issues surrounding ageing. Being solicitors in London who deal with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and similar legal matters surrounding aging we are not overly surprised.

Discomfort about discussing the topic is probably the biggest problem.

Lasting Powers of Attorney, where loved ones can look after your financial affairs if called upon, and making and keeping up to date Wills are vital. The sobering prospect of having to think about one’s demise is tough, but the consequences for family members if someone passes away suddenly or becomes incapacitated cannot be understated.

Families under emotional stress risk making rushed decisions about matters, such as care and financial plans if they have not thought the subject through.

With every passing year these issues become more urgent and to add to this, it is estimated that the number of older people living with a disability will rise significantly from 2.9 million to 4.8 million in the next 20years.

People in London and the South East probably don’t talk about these matters as much as some in other regions, but this has to change.

We at Pindoria Solicitors hope families find the courage to have these sensitive conversations as making Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorneys is something which puts the mind at ease for everyone involved.