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07 Dec 2017
What is Probate and How Should You Handle it

The death of a loved one is unquestionably one of the most traumatic events that we all have to contend with. At a time of…

29 May 2017
Probate Hike Uncertain Due To Surprise Election

News that the current Tory government has extinguished plans to massively increase probate fees before the upcoming election, has raised the possibility that the proposals…

10 May 2017
Probate Hike to Hit London Hardest

Being the world city that London is, changes to inheritance tax, which have gone largely unnoticed by the media, are set to have a considerable…

28 May 2016
New Tax Looks Set to Take Slice of thee Pie of London’s High Value Estates

As tax and estate planning experts, we at Pindoria Solicitors have become aware of an announcement that The Ministry of Justice is proposing, which will…

29 Feb 2016
Contested Wills Need Experts to Bring Swift Resolutions

Contested wills have shot up dramatically in recent years and here in London and the South East this is more prevalent than practically anywhere else…

17 Nov 2015
HSBC’s wills sale means expert advice is needed

The sale of HSBC’s wills and probate business to a centralised firm means local people here in London and the South East need to act…