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Dispute Resolution

16 Nov 2018
Homeowners win battle to claim against menace of knotweed

Japanese knotweed are two words bound to fill the hearts of many a homeowner and landowner with fear. Brought into the UK, back in the…

08 Jun 2018
Resolution: Divorce laws require change

In England and Wales, in order to apply for a divorce, a person has to establish that the marriage has broken down due to one…

27 Apr 2018
Footwear firm’s defeat over patent shows importance of protecting intellectual property

The defeat by a well-known footwear maker to patent its shoes, by the European Court of justice, is a tale that shows how legal protection…

05 Jan 2018
Pindoria Solicitors Feature in St Luke’s Hospice 30 Years of Care Publication

Eric Rawson - His 250, 000 Donation for Future Generation

16 Jan 2017
Top Tips for Dealing with Disputed Wills

Contesting a Will has never been so in demand. The reasons behind this are plentiful, with more complicated family structures unquestionably at the heart of…

24 Jun 2016
300,000 Neighbour Dispute Over Blocked Drain Shows Importance of Dialogue

The tale of how a row over a £4,000 bill to fix a blocked drain left a couple with legal costs of more than £300,000…

16 Feb 2016
Landlords Beware- Right to Rent Checks Are Now in Force

From the1st February 2016, private residential landlords in England are under a legal obligation under The Immigration Act 2014 to conduct a right to rent…

24 Dec 2015
Dispute Resolution Needed to Keep Life in Thriving Businesses

For those of us in the legal world involved in dispute resolution, we can say unequivocally that the sooner battles are brought to an end…

03 Nov 2015
Consumer Rights Changes Good News for All of Us

This month we have seen a great and welcome change in an area of law affecting every one of us, which we at Pindoria Solicitors…

17 Aug 2015
Daughter Overturning Mothers Will Hits Headlines

In recent weeks a story has made the national news in which a landmark ruling has seen a daughter awarded £164,000 after being cut out…