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Buoyant housing market good news for summer ahead

12 Jul 2018

Posted in Property

The housing market is always a strong indicator of the country’s economy and with that in mind, it is good to see a recent survey showing conveyancers in the UK to be very busy.

There are no signs of crashing markets as conveyancers were kept on their toes at the start of the year, according to the latest market tracker by search company Search Acumen.

The body used Land Registry data to examine competitive pressures, counts 271,546 transaction volumes between January and March – which is the highest recorded since 2016, when 286,485 were recorded between April and June. Firms were on the whole reporting the busiest quarter since July-September 2016.

Housing Market

Of course, it goes without saying that this time of the year is one that is particularly significant for housing markets. The spring and summer are often when the market is at its most busiest.

The ongoing uncertainties over Brexit is something that is constantly in the media, and the memories of the financial crisis after the credit crunch is something that makes all of us wary. However, the economy is something which is very dependent on confidence. Therefore, it appears that the UK is striding ahead with its head held high at the moment.

As we have said before, the UK remains a vital place for the world to do business, and London is still one of a handful of places, which has a unique attraction for the world to do business.

The only thing we would add as London conveyancing specialists is if you are involved in property moves to remember to engage experts who will ensure your conveyancing is handled correctly. Property moves are too vital not to ensure that the legal paperwork is done correctly. It cannot be left to chance.

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