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Bruce Forsyth left children out of will to avoid inheritance tax

27 Jul 2018

Posted in Family Law

The much-loved Sir Bruce Forsyth left his multi-million-pound wealth to his wife in an attempt to avoid inheritance tax, which has been highly published in recent weeks, according to reports. Bruce Forsyth passed away on August 18, 2017.

Sir Bruce, who died last year at the age of 89, left the amount of £11.7 million to his third wife, Wilnelia Merced. 

Bruce Forsyth’s daughter with her 5 siblings were officially given nothing in the will meaning that his estate will not be subject to inheritance tax. This is pure because the tax does not apply to funds left to a Bruce Forsyth spouse.

It is worth adding though that Bruce Forsyth wife Wilnelia Merced will be able to gift up to £650,000 of Bruce’s estate before it would be subject to tax and may also leave funds to Bruce Forsyth children in her own will.

Sir Bruce, one of UK television’s biggest ever stars, did leave £100,000 in trust for his nine grandchildren, which will be distributed when they reach the age of 21.

Bruce Forsyth

This news is more interesting taking into context that before his death, he had made his opinion on inheritance tax clear. In an interview with the Radio Times, he said “I think your inheritance should go to your children more than back to the country that you’ve lived in.”

Being London based probate experts we at Pindoria Solicitors see what Sir Bruce has done as relatively straightforward estate planning.

The subject of inheritance is a contentious one, which provokes debate throughout society. Good law firms do not get involved in the debate, but instead, act in the best interests of their clients.

Pindoria Solicitors can assist you with the complex issues of inheritance tax solicitor and estate planning. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions.