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26 Jan 2022
Singh Family Case: Gifting Property to Grandchildren

Mr and Mrs Singh who were both in their 70s were recently advised by Bharat.  They owned a property in North West London with an…

25 Jan 2022
Khan Family Case: Joint Tenants VS Tenants in Common

Mr and Mrs Khan together with their son were advised by Bharat.  Mr and Mrs Khan  jointly owned a property and there was no mortgage…

24 Jan 2022
Sarah’s Case: Setting Up a Will Trust

Tim and Sarah were recently advised by Bharat.  Sarah owned a  residential property.  Sarah had been married before and had two adult children from her…

23 Jan 2022
Patel Family Case: Transferring Ownership of Property from Parent to Children

Bharat recently advised Mr and Mrs Patel.  They own a property currently valued at £1,000,000 with no mortgage against the property. They have two adult…

22 Jan 2022
David’s Case: Inheritance Tax

David owns the residential home he lives. David was under the impression  that if decides to gift his whole house to his two children. he…

21 Jan 2022
Investing for Grandchildren: Grandparent Bare Trust

A Grandad came to Bharat for  advice on reducing his estate. He mentioned that he recently became a granddad again. He now had two grandchildren…