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Pindoria Solicitors has recently become a Member of the UK’s online Register of Wills ‘’ and we are pleased to announce that we are offering a free of charge will registration if your will was written with us prior to 3rd October 2008.

In a recent survey, 67% of people in the UK did not know where to find their parents’ wills. As you can well imagine, this can add a great deal of stress and confusion to an already distressing time.

Although we keep a database of all the wills which we hold, sometimes clients change their wills without informing us. Changing circumstances, moving to another area or simply the passage of time can sometimes make it difficult to identify an individual’s last will. The Register at ensures that solicitors across the country can log the existence of wills in a central place, with their clients’ consent. This should ensure that your will or any updated version of it is not overlooked.

By registering at, you are giving yourself peace of mind that your family will be able to locate your will with ease when you pass away thereby ensuring that your final wishes are carried out. If your Will is not found or worse still, if you haven’t made one, then your loved ones may not receive the inheritance that you would wish but would get the proportions laid down by law, and of course family disputes can occur. So for your own peace of mind, the best advice is to make or review your Will with Pindoria Solicitors and ask them to register it with Certainty. When you register your Will only the location is registered and only a legal professional has access to this information.

The recent explosion of unregulated Will writers, online and home do-it-yourself Will packs is confusing and these Wills cannot be registered with Certainty, only those prepared by a solicitor, ensuring that the quality independent advice prevails.

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