Financial Sanctions

For several years Pindoria Solicitors has represented banks in London who have been subject to the EU and UK sanctions regime.

The Founder, Bharat Pindoria, advises and represents banks, financial services companies and individuals on a variety of issues and matters in relations to all aspects of sanctions laws and regulation.

The represent clients including make applications for licences to HM Treasury in respect of the unblocking of funds and bank accounts and authorisation for prohibited transactions.

Pindoria Solicitors have experience and knowledge on all aspects of UN, EU and UK sanctions regulations and laws.

Areas covered

  • ¬†Advice on prohibited acts and requirement
  • Licence Applications – trade and financial transactions/activities for example and unfreezing of blocked funds,
    receive payments under prior contracts
  • Compliance rules in the UK and EU
  • Advice on Licences within the UK and European Union
  • Status of blocked assets and liabilities in EU
  • vConflicts of sanctions laws
  • Preparation for post-sanctions situations

This is a specialist field and it is important to get the correct legal advice early to avoid costly disputes. Pindoria Solicitors is uniquely placed due to its experience gained over several years to provide the right advice that corporations and individuals face during difficult and uncertain times. We have assisted several clients to receive payments from sanctions banks and institutions in UK.

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