Buying and selling property has always been a demanding process for all the parties involved. It seems a price is agreed for a property, and then the waiting game begins, where often nothing seems to happen for a good length of time, and understandably frustrations can mount.

As conveyancing solicitors in London we are acutely aware of this issue and to be honest much of the time there is no excuse for extensive delays. Read More

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Being property lawyers in London we watch with great interest all developments in the property market and a new report stating that bricks and mortar are at their slowest rate since 2013 really is par for the course.

House seller Rightmove’s statistics show prices sought by sellers had only increased by two per cent in the month to February 11, showing that the market seems to still be in a very stable place.

After all, we still have a growing property market and this is welcome in this time of uncertainty following the fallout after the Brexit vote last summer.

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The legal world has been shocked recently by the sad news that of one of the UK’s most respected legal figures took his own life after being diagnosed with dementia.

Sir Nicholas Wall was a pioneering former head of the family courts in England and Wales, who championed rights for unmarried couples and transparency about court fees. Read More

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A government decision to remove the time limit for evidence that will make it easier for domestic violence victims to qualify for legal aid has been welcomed by the legal profession.

Domestic violence in London and everywhere else in the UK is something, which is such a difficult issue to solve that we at Pindoria Solicitors are pleased that this move will help many suffering the physical and mental scars of this dark side of family law.

After reviewing current evidence arrangements for accessing legal aid in private family cases, the current five-year time limit will be removed completely the Ministry of Justice has confirmed. Read More

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In recent weeks a couple here in London have caused a stir in the legal world, which shows no sign of abating despite a setback in their legal battle. The campaign by Rebecca Steinfeld, 35, and Charles Keidan, 40, who reject traditional marriage on the grounds that they see it is a “sexist” and “patriarchal” institution has hit the headlines.

They appeared in court aiming to overturn the ban on heterosexual couples entering into civil partnerships but, the three judges narrowly, by two to one, decided to allow the government more time to review the law that prevents opposite-sex couples from taking advantage of civil partnership arrangements. Read More

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For many years property has been seen as a sound investment, but the government, last year made a controversial move, which made things a little more awkward. As conveyancing solicitors in London, we are being asked quite a lot about it because the landscape has changed so significantly.

The 3% duty is a loading on existing Stamp Duty rates, which took effect from April 2016 and applies to anyone that is buying additional residential properties anywhere in the UK , including Scotland, which announced a similar 3% surcharge in its own Budget. Read More

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It’s a competitive world out there and this is especially so in the mortgage market. Every day many London people find a better mortgage deal to save them money and then start the process of re-mortgaging.

For us at Pindoria Solicitors being very experienced conveyancing solicitors in London, this is an area of expertise and one that is much called upon.  After all, re-mortgaging a property gives people a huge amount of options. Generally, though it is done in order to raise finance or to take advantage of a healthy financial climate. Read More

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There are new rules for the public and probate solicitors to get their heads around, with the Government having introducing a new inheritance tax, adding an extra tax free amount when you own a property.

This seems good for us all but, the new rules are not as straightforward as they seem. As things currently stand; everyone can give away the sum of £325,000 tax free on their death, which includes anything you own, be it in the form of property, cash, pensions or anything else. Read More

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As experienced conveyancing solicitors who have overseen countless happy house moves over the years, we feel it vital to highlight a problem in our profession, which the public needs to be aware of. The issue centres on a total lack of legal protection when couples get together and move into a home before marriage.

Unmarried couples need to take the right action to prevent acrimonious legal rows.  If they split up before marriage, too many trusts that the course of true love will always run smooth and leave themselves open to a potential hideous property dispute. Read More

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Being a solicitor is an occupation that carries great responsibility.

Despite being part of a heavily regulated profession, there are those who let lawyers down and if you cared to search the web for those of disrepute who have sullied our profession, you will soon find them.

However, being a trusted London solicitor is not a reputation that comes easily in an era where trust does not seem as straightforward as it once was.
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