Sadly, there are more legal fights over deceased estates than in previous decades and the ensuing battles for all involved can be testing. One such example, which made the news over the summer, was the case of the Ball family from Wiltshire, which is notable due to the dark circumstances, which led to three of the youngsters being omitted from their family legacy.

The problem started 26 years ago, at the beginning of the 1990s when three siblings made allegations against their father and has ended with children losing out in a battle over the family’s estate. The siblings lost their challenge to the Will of their late mother, Barbara Ball’s legacy, which they fought on grounds of lack of mental capacity, and of undue influence by her husband. Read More

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What has the death of a country and western singer in Middle America got to do with life in London?

Of course, on the face of it there seems very little connecting the passing of Glen Campbell with us in the South East of the UK. However, when the cause of death as Alzheimer’s is brought into the equation it then begins to make sense.

Legal experts like ourselves at Pindoria Solicitors see many families dealing with the devastation of Alzheimer or other similar forms of dementia.
Read More

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We live in an era where people who decide to co-habitat can do without any problems, and thankfully by and large, we live in a tolerant country, where many laws have been put in place to protect our liberal society. One of the greatest advancements in the past generation has been the legal framework of civil partnerships, allowing same sex couples the same rights as civil marriage. It is also worth bearing in mind that it is just over a decade ago that civil partnerships were enshrined in law and, of course, now since 2014 same-sex couples can marry.

Some civil partners have decided to marry, whilst others are happy with the civil partnership arrangement. It is a far cry from the lack of protection same sex couples had a short time ago. However, like all close relationships, sometimes things do not work out as those entering a life together would hope. Read More

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Recent news that a woman has been awarded £30,000 from her father’s estate, despite the fact that he made it clear he had disinherited his children, will certainly cause some consternation by many looking at their Wills.

It is the first judgement of its kind, since a landmark Supreme Court ruling that was thought to clarify testamentary freedom and what constitutes reasonable provision.

In this case,Elena Nahajec was awarded the figure from Stanley Nahajec’s £240,000 estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. Read More

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The law can sometimes be painfully slow to move with the times, so the case of a gay man who won a landmark ruling which will give his husband the same pension rights as a wife is welcomed by all progressive solicitors.
In recent weeks, the Supreme Court ruled that if John Walker, 66, dies, his husband is entitled to a spouse’s pension, as long as they stay together.

Welcoming the decision, ex-chemical company worker, Mr Walker said it would “drag” the government “into the 21st Century. Read More

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At Pindoria Solicitors, we fully understand and appreciate that when it comes to dealing with personal finances as well as decisions affecting health and welfare, it is important to give the utmost consideration to the specific needs of each individual client.

With an appropriate Lasting Power of Attorney in place drafted on your terms and in accordance with your wishes, you can be assured that in the event that it becomes necessary*, your finance and health decisions, will be at the hands of your most trusted who will be in a position to deal with it in a personable way that they know you will appreciate, need and wish. Read More

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It is welcoming news for all of us in legal services in London and elsewhere in the UK who have worked hard for many years to build a solid, professional legal practice that new research has shown reputation to be the most important factor when choosing solicitors.

A recently releasedsurvey by the Legal Services Consumer Panel is good reading for trusted solicitors the length and breadth of the land, demonstrating the importance of building a solid legal offering for our customers. Read More

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In these somewhat uncertain times, it’s always good to hear positive news, which needs highlighting to negate the doom and gloom that often rules the media.

With this is mind, we at Pindoria Solicitors are glad to hear of new research which seems to suggest overseas investors are putting their money into London’s property market, in the wake of recent falls in the value of sterling.

Being both commercial and residential property legal experts, we have read the report from large commercial estate Read More

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The breakdown of relationships is a sad fact of life.
It has always happened, but this can often be of little comfort to those in the midst of relationship turmoil.

As family law specialists in London we are very much part of the process of helping couples move on to pastures new, and despite our legal experience, the human side of such issues is never lost on us. Read More

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Interest rates in the UK have been at an historic low for quite some time now.

The memories of high interest rates, many of us recall from our younger days, are in the distant past for us all, as the world has spent several years trying to sort out the economic problems caused by the credit crunch.

However, many economists believe this era, which has been beneficial to those with a mortgage may soon be coming to an end, with one investment bank believing an interest rise could happen before the summer ends. Read More

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