There is a train of thought that solicitors should give more advice about leaving money to charity when discussing wills, and it is something that certainly needs bringing to the public’s attention.

After all, the general consensus when it comes to wills is that your lifetime’s legacy will be given to friends and family, but many wish to make more of a difference rather than making loved ones lives that bit more comfortable. Read More

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The old saying goes that blood is thicker than water, meaning families come together when things get tough to support each other.

However, whilst blood ties are important, the sad fact is that every year families are involved in disputes that can tear them all apart.  Read More

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The death of a loved one is unquestionably one of the most traumatic events that we all have to contend with.

At a time of grief, the administration of an estate is something that many find very difficult to endure.

It’s understandable, as probate, which is the administration process of the estate following the owner’s death, is often both time-intensive and complex. Finding yourself in a position of responsibility for the family can be daunting, and it can be draining on top of dealing with one’s own grief. Read More

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As many will know only too well, buying a property is far from the most straightforward of tasks.

It’s exciting but fraught with worries, delays and frustrations, but ultimately your stress levels can remain more stable by starting out with quality independent conveyancing advice as a first port of call.

After all, buying a property is in all probability one of the most expensive acquisitions anyone can make, so experienced conveyancers who can tell you what you need to know, rather than what you want to hear is vital. Read More

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Living in the most expensive and densely populated part of the UK as the capital and the South East, the subject of property is never far from many people’s minds.

Therefore, a call on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to scrap Stamp Duty to boost the economy is of great interest to more than just ourselves, as solicitors dealing with conveyancing in London. Read More

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Pre-nuptial agreements can be a thorny subject, with many seeing them as a very unromantic start to a life together.

However, the appeal of Prenuptial Agreements as a way to protect wealth going into a marriage is expected to gain in popularity after a woman lost her case for an equal share of her ex-husband’s assets.

Karen Hart had wanted half of her husband’s £9.4m fortune, but at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Moylan, agreed the £3.5m, out of total resources of just under £9.4m, in a financial remedy order made in June 2015, was the right decision. Read More

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It is with intrigue that we have read recent research from Countrywide Estate Agency showing that one in 20 offers on properties in the South East that were originally accepted by a seller in 2017 were then rejected in favour of a higher one from a different buyer.

It showed the number of properties on which gazumping has occurred is up by 35% on 2011.

The gazumping tactic is a fraught business when a buyer has an offer accepted on a property, they then naturally start to emotionally move in.

It is a terrible disappointment when an estate agent rings to tell them that someone has made a higher offer and the seller is now going to accept the other buyer’s offer.

Gazumping now is a little perplexing as the level of residential property transactions has fallen from its recent high. Read More

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As most of us with memories long enough to recall a handful of channels on TV and no Internet can testify,we’ve seen much transformation in the last generation.

Like all change, there is plenty of room for debate and often statistics can provide room for interesting conversations.

As divorce lawyers, who deal with family law as part of our many services, we at Pindoria Solicitors have witnessed the differences in family life more than many, with co-habitation, civil partnerships, and same-sex marriages something, which has changed life beyond all recognition from a generation or two ago.  Read More

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When it comes to wills, trusts, estates etc., we naturally think of our property, money and perhaps family heirlooms, when assessing our wealth.

However, as a London wills and trusts experts, it has become more evident to us at Pindoria Solicitors that the changing times means we need to look into what we hold in the online world as well.

Of course, we realise the majority of an individual’s assets generally are in the real world, but a music library, social media photo album or PayPal accounts should also be taken into account. Read More

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Thankfully, word or mouth remains the number one way that law firms acquire new clients – this despite living in an era where the phone, tablet or laptop is never far away. Trusted law firms in London, Lanarkshire or Lagos though must be aware of the power of online messages, and only those unaware of this may encounter problems.

Sadly though, whilst the internet has no doubt widened choice for all of us, we now have a situation where unregulated seller of legal services establishing themselves at the top of Google and other internet searches are leaving the public in potential jeopardy. Many law firms are still excluded from the first page of Google in response to basic legal questions. Read More

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