It is fair to say that in the past decade or so the fascination with improving our homes has moved to a new level of interest.

Countless glossy magazines, TV shows and so on, have capitalised on this huge industry as we do our utmost to create our dream homes.

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Recent figures have shown that inheritance (IHT) tax receipts have grown greatly over the past year, reaching £5.3 billion in the year to end of February.

Whilst the treasury will be no doubt be pleased, as Inheritance tax experts in London, it is somewhat disconcerting to see such a rise in this taxation.

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The recent case of a Somerset woman who fell out with family members and ended up taking the case to court has received much publicity in legal circles.

Lucy Habberfield gave up most of her adult life to work on the family farm for little money with the promise of inheriting it when her father died.

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The defeat by a well-known footwear maker to patent its shoes, by the European Court of justice, is a tale that shows how legal protection needs to be instigated as early as possible.

Most people will be aware of Crocs, the manufacturer of plastic clogs, which took the world by storm a decade or so ago.

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It is good to see a recent report by the Solicitors Regulation Authority showing that three-quarters of people who are buying or selling property are happy with the quality of the conveyancing services they encounter.

The survey of people who had bought or sold a residential property in the past two years also showed that estate agents and personal recommendations were the most common methods for finding a conveyancing solicitor. To add to this, the cost and experience of firms were seen as the main factors in buying decisions. Read More

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Recent legislation (which came into force in March 2018), now allows some victims of domestic abuse to vote anonymously.  This is certainly a step in the right direction for the victims involved.

The changes are not only effective in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but also came into effect in Scotland from April 2018. Read More

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For quite a few years now the appetite for bridging loans has grown, especially in London and the surrounding areas.

Bridging loans are simply so borrowers can get property purchases over the line quickly to secure their dream investments and homes.

Ordinarily, they are used when there is a shortfall between the sale and completion dates in a chain and are also favoured by those buying at auction, or people who plan to own a home only for a brief period.
A good example is for people buying to renovate and then putting a property back on the market in the hope of making a good profit. Read More

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January is often seen as a time for divorce to be highlighted in the media.

For many years now, based on many people wanting to start a new life away from their partner in the new year, there has been a tendency for the subject to get more attention than at any other time.

Despite this though, we at Pindoria Solicitors have found that the difficult decision to end a marriage can come at any time of the year. Read More

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When it comes to leasehold property advice, a question we are often asked is – when is the best time to extend a property lease and how should you go about it?

We advise that if your flat has a lengthy lease with between 70 and 90 years you should possibly apply for an extension, simply because without one you may have more issues selling or getting a mortgage.

When a landlord grants a lease it is for a fixed number of years, but once the years have completely elapsed the lease ends with the property going back to the landlord. Read More

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The lives of the rich and famous can be a subject of fascination to many of us and it’s fair to say that Tara PalmerTomkinson was one such person who made the headlines.

There was a time, not so long ago, this socialite lady was almost a permanent fixture in newspapers and on TV.

However, in 2017, aged just 45, she was found dead in her Kensington apartment, with the cause of death being a perforated stomach ulcer.  Read More

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