Equity is a legal term for the monetary value of the property that you own. When you have outstanding mortgage to pay, part of the equity belongs to the mortgage provider and the amount that you have already paid from the mortgage is your equity. Read More

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Choosing conveyancing solicitors to process your property sale or purchase can be a difficult task. Without a personal recommendation or experience of using a particular solicitor on a previous occasion, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Read More

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Couples looking for divorce lawyers in London will need to come to an agreement about how shared assets are split, make arrangements for shared financial responsibilities, and agree on custody agreements for any children resulting from the marriage. Read More

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Pre-Contract stage – Freehold Sale/Purchase

The estate agent will send to the seller’s solicitor a memorandum of sale providing, amongst other things, details of the solicitors acting for the buyer. Read More

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Pindoria Solicitors is a niche international established law firm based in London since 2004. We are the epitome of professionalism and the provision of high quality legal services.


We excel in the provision of top quality legal advice and representation covering many sectors and representing wealthy individual clients and businesses, both in the UK and around the world.



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