17 Aug 2018

Many will have read a disturbing tale on Daily Mail Online recently indicating that up to 1.5 million people have been sold overpriced wills by our high street banks.

In the 1990’s and early 21st century some banks were offering will writing services and free wills provided that you banked with them or offered wills at a discounted rate compared to those offered by solicitors, traditionally the bastions of this area of expertise.

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09 May 2018

Recent figures have shown that inheritance (IHT) tax receipts have grown greatly over the past year, reaching £5.3 billion in the year to end of February.

Whilst the treasury will be no doubt be pleased, as Inheritance tax experts in London, it is somewhat disconcerting to see such a rise in this taxation.

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07 Feb 2018

The lives of the rich and famous can be a subject of fascination to many of us and it’s fair to say that Tara PalmerTomkinson was one such person who made the headlines.

There was a time, not so long ago, this socialite lady was almost a permanent fixture in newspapers and on TV.

However, in 2017, aged just 45, she was found dead in her Kensington apartment, with the cause of death being a perforated stomach ulcer.  Continue reading

27 Dec 2017

There is a train of thought that solicitors should give more advice about leaving money to charity when discussing wills, and it is something that certainly needs bringing to the public’s attention.

After all, the general consensus when it comes to wills is that your lifetime’s legacy will be given to friends and family, but many wish to make more of a difference rather than making loved ones lives that bit more comfortable. Continue reading

12 Jul 2017

It is noteworthy that a new report has shown that those aged over 55 wish to exercise some control over how their children will spend their money, when they have died.

The report by the Prudential has shown 77 per cent of people in this age group want to have an element of control to ensure a lifetime’s wealth is not squandered.

The research has shown 12 percent of parents wish to specifically set out how the money is spent, whilst many more have said that they will instruct their children as to the best method of ensuring the money is protected. Continue reading

31 Aug 2016

It has been fairly well publicised that there has been a sizable increase in the number of Wills being challenged in court in recent years, and here in London this is no different. As experts in Wills and estates in London and the south east, we at Pindoria Solicitors believe this rising trend, some 20 per cent or so in the past decade, will no doubt be furthered following a recent legal victory.

It has always been the case that if you are going to challenge the validity of a Will, you have to show that you have an ‘interest’ in the estate and this has been thought of as being only those who have a direct link with the deceased, such as a family member or someone who benefits from the estate under a rival Will, for example. Continue reading

01 Aug 2016

A rise in the numbers of people divorcing in later life has led to a huge increase in contested Wills. Here in London and the South East, which has some of the most expensive properties in the country, such battles are sadly commonplace.

It’s all very sobering to see such difficulties as people fight tooth and nail for life-changing sums of money, and whilst these disputes are never going to be completely eradicated a lot can be done to avoid them. Such fall outs often occur after the divorce of a couple in the middle of their life who have assumed for years that they will leave everything they have to their children when they pass away. Continue reading

16 Jun 2016

There are countless articles about how vitally important a Will is and why using a trusted local solicitors firm is important, but what is perhaps not discussed as often is the importance of lost Wills.

Whether you live in London or the Highlands missing Wills is an issue that affects lots of families every year, and can cause a great deal of upset for everyone involved. Continue reading

24 May 2016

The alarming tale of two of society’s weakest and most vulnerable people becoming embroiled in a battle with a Will writing firm demonstrates why solicitors are far and away the safest option for one of life’s most important documents.

The story has made the media sit up and take note and involves a housebound Bristol couple, Muriel and Jim Sutton, aged 87 and 90 years old. Mrs Sutton alerted the police after she was charged £6,000 by will writers, and claims the company’s representative also offered to run errands for the couple, such as doing their shopping. Continue reading

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