11 Jan 2018

As we have said many times here on our blog, there is a real inequality in the way that the law treats unmarried people, but the victory of a woman over her partner’s passing shows that a change is possibly in the offing.

In the past few weeks, Jakki Smith, a Lancashire lady, won her legal battle for better rights for unmarried people who lose their long-term partners. She took the government to court for breaching her human rights in denying her bereavement damages.

As things currently stand, a fixed sum of £12,980 is paid out if a person dies as a result of negligence – but it only applies to spouses or civil partners. Continue reading

17 Oct 2017

When it comes to wills, trusts, estates etc., we naturally think of our property, money and perhaps family heirlooms, when assessing our wealth.

However, as a London wills and trusts experts, it has become more evident to us at Pindoria Solicitors that the changing times means we need to look into what we hold in the online world as well.

Of course, we realise the majority of an individual’s assets generally are in the real world, but a music library, social media photo album or PayPal accounts should also be taken into account. Continue reading

26 Jul 2017

The recent news that a record high figure in excess of £5 billion was gathered by HMRC in inheritance tax during the most recent tax year is a timely reminder to bring up the subject of estate planning.

The record high figure, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), for 2016/17 of £5.1 billion, shows just what a vast amount the Government makes from this source of tax.

Whilst experts in estate planning such as ourselves at Pindoria Solicitors understand that average property prices have been rising around the UK, particularly in southern England, meaning a naturally higher figure, there is more behind the passing of the £5 billion barrier.
Continue reading

22 May 2017

Never in history has there ever been a time when the passing on of wealth been so important to people’s lifestyles.

It’s probably something most of us with maturity in life are aware of, but especially so for those of us who make our lives here in the South East of England and London, which is unquestionably one of the most exciting places in the world to live, but also one of the most expensive.

Illustrating this issue a recent BBC online feature has shown how those born into an affluent family have a greater advantage over those who don’t. Continue reading

17 May 2017

There was much publicity over the recent battle of a woman to get an increased sum of her mother’s estate, following a battle with three well-known animal charities.

As wills and trusts experts in London, we at Pindoria Solicitors had a special interest in the case of Heather Ilott who had been left out of her mother’s Will.

She had been awarded more than £160,000 by the Court of Appeal in 2015 after her mother, Melita Jackson, with whom she had nothing to do with, left most of her £486,000 fortune to charities. Continue reading

17 Apr 2017

The legal world has been shocked recently by the sad news that of one of the UK’s most respected legal figures took his own life after being diagnosed with dementia.

Sir Nicholas Wall was a pioneering former head of the family courts in England and Wales, who championed rights for unmarried couples and transparency about court fees. Continue reading

25 Feb 2017

There are new rules for the public and probate solicitors to get their heads around, with the Government having introducing a new inheritance tax, adding an extra tax free amount when you own a property.

This seems good for us all but, the new rules are not as straightforward as they seem. As things currently stand; everyone can give away the sum of £325,000 tax free on their death, which includes anything you own, be it in the form of property, cash, pensions or anything else. Continue reading

13 Dec 2016

With the decorations up, many are bidding fare well to 2016 and focussing on what they can do to make 2017 a good year.

So, we at Pindoria Solicitors thought about the New Year Resolutions that really would benefit everyone who reads our blogs.

There are some legal moves that are greatly beneficial, which everyone should commit to in the upcoming 12 months. Continue reading

08 Sep 2016

Alarmingly, care home costs are increasing ten times faster than the average elderly person’s income, according to a recent study.

A large national care agency has found that on average care home fees are around £30,000 per year, which is a five per cent increase injust12 months. Continue reading

24 Aug 2016

A recent survey has highlighted that too many people avoid talking about the issues of getting older. Independent Age said that around two out of three adults aged over 65 admitted they had never talked to their family about the topic.

To add to this, one in four over-65s said they were not planning to talk about the subject with their loved ones. They also said they didn’t plan to discuss matters, such as what care they wanted if they could no longer look after themselves. Continue reading

29 Jun 2016

Whilst this blog has missed May’s Dementia Awareness Week, we at Pindoria Solicitors make no apologies for raising the topic again, which we feel needs highlighting more than just one week a year.

We are pleased that such campaigns are helping highlight issues surrounding the disease, which seldom make it onto the general public’s radar. Continue reading

16 Apr 2016

As law experts dealing in many various arenas of our legal system, it is always sad when we become involved in situations that could so easily have been avoided.

One such area involves Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs), which is a very inexpensive way of providing protection for individuals and their families.   It averts huge amounts of money and stress, yet it is alarming how few people know about them. Continue reading

29 Dec 2015

It is reassuring to see a recent survey has shown that more than half of the British public think will-writing should be regulated.

A YouGov poll research for the Law Society, the body that oversees solicitors in this country, has published a survey of 1,554 adults in which 55% wanted all will-writers to be regulated; whist over 95% praised the services provided by solicitors. Continue reading

15 Jun 2015

The sad news in recent weeks that Hollywood film legend Omar Sharif is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is yet another example of how dementia in all its forms is on the increase. Continue reading

08 Jun 2015

Discussing unpleasant possibilities about the future is never much fun, but sometimes straight talking is needed especially around financial matters. Sadly, the devastating condition of dementia is on the increase and in light of this it seems to make sense to talk about how families can be helped in such situations. Continue reading

30 Apr 2015
07 Apr 2015

Writing a will is one of the most important documents we have to think about in life. We work hard for the assets that we accumulate and it is only right that we would want to ensure that they go to the people we most care about. Continue reading

19 Feb 2015
22 Jan 2015

You should consider the Tier 1 Investor visa if you have at least £2 million to invest and wish to make the United Kingdom your and your families home. Continue reading

15 Jan 2015

A bare or simple trust is one in which each beneficiary has an immediate and absolute title to both capital and income. The beneficiary of a bare trust is taxable on the trust income and gains. Continue reading

20 Feb 2014

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