09 Nov 2018

In an era where the pace of change for all of us has hit new highs, it is only right to think how difficult change can be for some members of our society.

Sadly, millions of people who are in the autumn of their years can feel very left behind as technology continues to juggernaut along.

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31 Jul 2018

A hetrosexual couple have won their case to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage. This ruling could significantly change the formation of ‘family’ as we currently know it.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, deeply opposed marriage at a core level as it “treated women as property for centuries”. They wanted their children to see them as equal partners and felt that a civil partnership was the best route for them as “a modern and symmetrical institution”.

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27 Jul 2018

In recent weeks it’s been widely publicised that the much-loved Sir Bruce Forsyth left his multi-million-pound fortune to his widow in a bid to avoid inheritance tax.

Sir Bruce, who died aged 89 last year, bequeathed the £11.7 million sum to his third wife, Wilnelia Merced.

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06 Jul 2018

Civil partnerships look to be consigned to history by the Government as figures indicate the union has been virtually wiped out by the introduction of same-sex marriage in recent years.

Like all good law firms in London, we at Pindoria Solicitors were intrigued to hear the Equalities Office announce that it would consult on the future of civil partnerships.

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29 Jun 2018

In recent weeks, one of Britain’s best known actors has disclosed she is battling Alzheimer’s disease, which makes us consider the effects such conditions have on loved ones.

For those of us in London, the news about Barbara Windsor is especially sad.  She is born and bred in the capital, and for two decades until relatively recently was a lynchpin of EastEnders.

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31 May 2018

A recent case has shown how domestic violence is still prominent in today’s society despite all the deterrents in place and the awareness surrounding it.

Mr Alex Keel and Ms Jordan Worth were in a relationship from the age of 16 years old (until 22 years old).  Such was the abuse that Keel had suffered that Worth was sentenced to seven and a half years by Luton Crown Court.  The abuse started from the time the relationship started.

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04 May 2018

The recent case of a Somerset woman who fell out with family members and ended up taking the case to court has received much publicity in legal circles.

Lucy Habberfield gave up most of her adult life to work on the family farm for little money with the promise of inheriting it when her father died.

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12 Apr 2018

Recent legislation (which came into force in March 2018), now allows some victims of domestic abuse to vote anonymously.  This is certainly a step in the right direction for the victims involved.

The changes are not only effective in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but also came into effect in Scotland from April 2018. Continue reading

06 Mar 2018

January is often seen as a time for divorce to be highlighted in the media.

For many years now, based on many people wanting to start a new life away from their partner in the new year, there has been a tendency for the subject to get more attention than at any other time.

Despite this though, we at Pindoria Solicitors have found that the difficult decision to end a marriage can come at any time of the year. Continue reading

31 Jan 2018

As the wheels of commerce start grinding back into gear following the festive break there will be many looking on the new year as a fresh start.

In so many aspects of life this has always been the case, and one’s priorities are very subjective as all lives are so different.

However, we at Pindoria Solicitors make no apologies for bringing up a subject that needs tackling at the root in 2018, and that’s the unsavoury topic of domestic abuse. Continue reading

20 Dec 2017

The old saying goes that blood is thicker than water, meaning families come together when things get tough to support each other.

However, whilst blood ties are important, the sad fact is that every year families are involved in disputes that can tear them all apart.  Continue reading

09 Nov 2017

Pre-nuptial agreements can be a thorny subject, with many seeing them as a very unromantic start to a life together.

However, the appeal of Prenuptial Agreements as a way to protect wealth going into a marriage is expected to gain in popularity after a woman lost her case for an equal share of her ex-husband’s assets.

Karen Hart had wanted half of her husband’s £9.4m fortune, but at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Moylan, agreed the £3.5m, out of total resources of just under £9.4m, in a financial remedy order made in June 2015, was the right decision. Continue reading

26 Oct 2017

As most of us with memories long enough to recall a handful of channels on TV and no Internet can testify,we’ve seen much transformation in the last generation.

Like all change, there is plenty of room for debate and often statistics can provide room for interesting conversations.

As divorce lawyers, who deal with family law as part of our many services, we at Pindoria Solicitors have witnessed the differences in family life more than many, with co-habitation, civil partnerships, and same-sex marriages something, which has changed life beyond all recognition from a generation or two ago.  Continue reading

19 Sep 2017

We live in an era where people who decide to co-habitat can do without any problems, and thankfully by and large, we live in a tolerant country, where many laws have been put in place to protect our liberal society. One of the greatest advancements in the past generation has been the legal framework of civil partnerships, allowing same sex couples the same rights as civil marriage. It is also worth bearing in mind that it is just over a decade ago that civil partnerships were enshrined in law and, of course, now since 2014 same-sex couples can marry.

Some civil partners have decided to marry, whilst others are happy with the civil partnership arrangement. It is a far cry from the lack of protection same sex couples had a short time ago. However, like all close relationships, sometimes things do not work out as those entering a life together would hope. Continue reading

12 Sep 2017

Recent news that a woman has been awarded £30,000 from her father’s estate, despite the fact that he made it clear he had disinherited his children, will certainly cause some consternation by many looking at their Wills.

It is the first judgement of its kind, since a landmark Supreme Court ruling that was thought to clarify testamentary freedom and what constitutes reasonable provision.

In this case,Elena Nahajec was awarded the figure from Stanley Nahajec’s £240,000 estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. Continue reading

16 Aug 2017

The breakdown of relationships is a sad fact of life.
It has always happened, but this can often be of little comfort to those in the midst of relationship turmoil.

As family law specialists in London we are very much part of the process of helping couples move on to pastures new, and despite our legal experience, the human side of such issues is never lost on us. Continue reading

05 Jul 2017

Recent news that the ex-wife of an oil and gas trader has been awarded £453m in one of the biggest divorce settlements ever agreed by a UK court has certainly made the headlines.

Stories attached to incredible wealth make the media sit up and take notice, but the recent case has confirmed London’s status as the preferred location to bring divorce claims against super-rich spouses.

The couple in this case were not identified by the family court judge but both the man, 61, and woman, 44, herald from Eastern Europe and were raised in Russia Continue reading

25 May 2017

The attitude towards cohabitation has changed substantially in the past generation, and we at Pindoria Solicitors have said before how frustrating it is that often the law is playing catch up on life’s changes and this is certainly the case in this instance.

It seems clear from a recent survey showing that the majority of people in the UK believe that civil partnerships should be open to all couples.

The survey organisation Populus’s findings said 57 per cent of people surveyed believed that all couples should be allowed the right to obtain a civil partnership. Continue reading

10 Apr 2017

A government decision to remove the time limit for evidence that will make it easier for domestic violence victims to qualify for legal aid has been welcomed by the legal profession.

Domestic violence in London and everywhere else in the UK is something, which is such a difficult issue to solve that we at Pindoria Solicitors are pleased that this move will help many suffering the physical and mental scars of this dark side of family law.

After reviewing current evidence arrangements for accessing legal aid in private family cases, the current five-year time limit will be removed completely the Ministry of Justice has confirmed. Continue reading

05 Apr 2017

In recent weeks a couple here in London have caused a stir in the legal world, which shows no sign of abating despite a setback in their legal battle. The campaign by Rebecca Steinfeld, 35, and Charles Keidan, 40, who reject traditional marriage on the grounds that they see it is a “sexist” and “patriarchal” institution has hit the headlines.

They appeared in court aiming to overturn the ban on heterosexual couples entering into civil partnerships but, the three judges narrowly, by two to one, decided to allow the government more time to review the law that prevents opposite-sex couples from taking advantage of civil partnership arrangements. Continue reading

23 Jan 2017

Sometimes you have to delve deeper than the headlines to really get the full picture of a story, and this is certainly the case when it comes to recent headlines regarding the fact that divorce rates continue to fall.

According to data released just before Christmas there were 111,169 divorces in 2014, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS),  which is a 27 per cent decrease from the most recent peak in 2003.

What is even more notable is a 3.1 per cent drop from the previous year 114,720 divorces representing a 40 year low. Continue reading

09 Dec 2016

Being family law experts amongst our many areas of legal knowledge, we have had to contend with the difficult situation of overseeing many a divorce over the years.

Bearing this in mind, it is with some interest that we at Pindoria Solicitors have noted a new survey recently published showing that relationship break-ups aren’t always the end of the road for couples. Continue reading

28 Sep 2016

Trust and honesty are prerequisites when dealing with law firms and all expert solicitors protect their reputation ferociously.

Be it here in the capital or even the small towns of this country, law firms will fight tooth and nail to protect their reputation and it makes us wince when we are let down by others without integrity. Continue reading

14 Sep 2016

Recent American research into divorce trends has found that divorce is seasonal with immediate spikes in marriage breakdowns after summer and winter holidays.

Washington Researchers analysed filings in Washington state between 2001 and 2015, and found they peaked in March and August, the periods following winter and summer breaks, which would appear to be the case here in the UK also. Continue reading

08 Aug 2016

Domestic violence here in London soared in 2016 with figures up 15 per cent in the period to November 2015 compared to the previous year.

It’s a grim statistic, but sadly part of life and as solicitors aiding victims of domestic violence our first advice to those involved in such abusive relationships is to talk to someone who can help.

Therefore, if you’re in a violentrelationship, our Divorce Lawyers London at Pindoria Solicitors are on hand to help you to protect you and your loved ones. Continue reading

23 Jul 2016

Even as experienced divorce lawyers dealing with couples splitting up in a world city like London it is a sad and unpleasant situation to see.

All good family law experts believe all should be done to protect marriage and it is worrying to see a survey, which shows almost one in five (18%) couples in Britain argue regularly or have considered separating. Continue reading

11 Jun 2016

It is with more than a little interest that we have read recently that lenders are in talks to introduce an innovative divorce mortgage to deal with people being forced to sell their homes after they split in later life.

It may come as a surprise to some that government statists show that the over-50s now account for the largest increase in the divorce rate with 28% of divorcing couples having to sell their home, according to the lender, Nationwide. Continue reading

05 Jun 2016

For many years good local solicitors involved in family law, as well as wills and probate have warned co-habiting couples about the need to make sure they are legally protected.

Whilst this message gets through to some, there is still a lot of work that needs doing and it is therefore opportune that we highlight the recent case of Joy Williams. She had lived with her former partner, Norman Martin for 18 years unmarried and now after a tumultuous four year battle with his family has just won the right to inherit a share of his estate. Continue reading

31 May 2016

Whilst the digital age has opened up many opportunities for all of us, it is alarming how often some decide to take legal matters into their own hands.

An example of this is DIY divorce.

Experts in family legal matters, like Pindoria Solicitors advise against DIY divorces as the long-term result can be costly in so many ways. Continue reading

11 Apr 2016

As experienced family lawyers we at Pindoria Solicitors have noted one of the more interesting legal developments in recent weeks, of a heterosexual couple who want to enter into a civil partnership rather than marry.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, from London, lost the legal challenge claiming the family law discriminated against them after they were told in 2014 that they could not enter into a civil partnership because they were not of the same sex, which the law requires. Continue reading

07 Apr 2016

The Supreme Court highlights the importance of full and frank disclosure in divorce proceedings in the cases of Sharland and Gohil.

In both cases, the wives’ unknowingly accepted far from equal divorce settlements as a result of their husbands fraudulent disclosures of their financial positions. Continue reading

16 Mar 2016

New figures seem to indicate that many couples could be waiting for their children to leave home before getting divorced, with the over-50s the only age group in which splits are rising.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the number of divorces in England and Wales has decreased again with the over-50s the only group bucking this trend. The new figures, which are for 2013, have been compared with those for 2003, and we, as divorce lawyers here in London and the South East believe it makes interesting reading. Continue reading

09 Mar 2016

The recent Court of Appeal case of Aburn v Aburn [2016] shed further light to the court’s approach in dealing with spousal maintenance (periodical payments) in ‘needs’ based divorce cases, as opposed to the ‘big money’ cases that have little in common with the average family.

In this case, the parties were married for over 20 years and had children aged 14 and 19. The husband was a GP earning approximately £83,000 pa. The wife was a nurse and midwife, and had not worked since the birth of their first child. Their home had equity of £500,000 and they had savings of £80,000. The husband was due to receive his share of his GP practice of £235,000 on retirement and had a substantial pension. The wife had no pension provision. Continue reading

17 Dec 2015

The festive season here in the UK is portrayed as a happy time, when at the end of a year we all get quite nostalgic, pour out the mulled wine and put on a Christmas pullover to have quality time with those we love. Continue reading

11 Dec 2015

In recent weeks it has been announced that the United Kingdom has a record number of co-habiting couple families.

Figures in November published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows that cohabiting couple families in the United Kingdom have reached 3.2 million, an increase of 29.7% in the past decade alone. Continue reading

02 Dec 2015

The extensive media coverage of the cases of two ex-wives who won their Supreme Court cases, after they were apparently deceived by ex-husbands into accepting unfair divorce settlements has rocked the legal world.

Family departments in law firms throughout the land have been looking at the cases of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil with some considerable interest. Now, following the women’s much publicised victories many more angry former partners will inevitably be seeking justice. Continue reading

09 Nov 2015

Grandparents at the end of their tether are increasingly visiting law firms for help to see their grandchildren. This sad development is happening in the case of divorce and other relationship breakdown, so that grandparents can have access, which can often mean them also taking on the role of guardian.

Here in 2015, our society and the complex structure of many modern families’ means there are many grandparents on hand to provide help and guidance, and a steadying influence on young lives. Continue reading

13 Aug 2015

At the moment, there is calm before the storm for many family lawyers in London and beyond as we get ready for an upsurge of activity in autumn.

It is estimated according to most statistics that more than 40 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and it is following the summer break after disastrous holidays that often action is taken. Continue reading

06 Jul 2015

As of now, there are eleven regional ‘divorce centres’ spread around the country, and the birth of them has certainly caused great media interest. Some have already criticised the move saying it is trivialising marriage. One of the critics former Conservative Minister Ann Widdecombe has likened it to “discarding an old carrier bag”. Continue reading

01 Jun 2015

Often I am asked as a divorce lawyer to deal with the situation when someones partner passes away. One would assume that the surviving partner would receive a share of their home as a result. Continue reading

02 Apr 2015

London has for a long time been considered the divorce capital of the world due to its high concentration of big-money settlements awarded to the poorer spouse in a break up. Continue reading

15 Jan 2015

Divorce can be stressful and emotionally draining for all involved. There is no way of making a divorce completely painless, but good divorce lawyers can make the process a lot easier and remove the added stresses of paperwork and legal requirements in this difficult period of your life. Continue reading

15 Jan 2015

Couples looking for divorce lawyers in London will need to come to an agreement about how shared assets are split, make arrangements for shared financial responsibilities, and agree on custody agreements for any children resulting from the marriage. Continue reading

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