02 Nov 2018

It is of great interest to all law firms who offer conveyancing that a significant proportion of home owners do not trust solicitors they are referred to by estate agents, a survey has found.

The recent research for property platform, When You Move, was of just over 2,000 people, including 1,350 home owners.

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20 Apr 2018

It is good to see a recent report by the Solicitors Regulation Authority showing that three-quarters of people who are buying or selling property are happy with the quality of the conveyancing services they encounter.

The survey of people who had bought or sold a residential property in the past two years also showed that estate agents and personal recommendations were the most common methods for finding a conveyancing solicitor. To add to this, the cost and experience of firms were seen as the main factors in buying decisions. Continue reading

24 Jan 2018

As is often the case, as a new year begins, there are many predictions being made about what the next 12 months will entail.

The housing market is one such area where there is always speculation and it’s fair to say that the British and London people, in particular seem to have a great interest. Continue reading

17 Jan 2018

A new report has shown that almost half of conveyancing clients complain of a lack of communication during the property selling/buying process. However, two-thirds of conveyancers believe they keep clients fully informed.

A majority of home-movers (55%) found themselves frustrated by a lack of control in the conveyancing process, according to a survey of 1,000 people by conveyancing software company InfoTrack.

The report showed nearly half of them (47%) wanted “regular digital communications” from their conveyancers, while more than a third (36%) also stated they would like the ability to track the progress of their transactions, including searches. Continue reading

23 Nov 2017

As many will know only too well, buying a property is far from the most straightforward of tasks.

It’s exciting but fraught with worries, delays and frustrations, but ultimately your stress levels can remain more stable by starting out with quality independent conveyancing advice as a first port of call.

After all, buying a property is in all probability one of the most expensive acquisitions anyone can make, so experienced conveyancers who can tell you what you need to know, rather than what you want to hear is vital. Continue reading

16 Nov 2017

Living in the most expensive and densely populated part of the UK as the capital and the South East, the subject of property is never far from many people’s minds.

Therefore, a call on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to scrap Stamp Duty to boost the economy is of great interest to more than just ourselves, as solicitors dealing with conveyancing in London. Continue reading

21 Jun 2017

The importance of ensuring the legal work for property transactions is carried out to the highest quality has been illustrated recently with the prosecution of a law firm who didn’t take their responsibilities seriously enough.

The solicitor, who will not mention by name, had overlooked indicators of money laundering and accepted he had been ‘sloppy’ when he appeared at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, where he was fined £7,500.

This man has now had to deal with the shame amongst his fellow professionals as the news has been published in the legal media. It has been a sobering experience. Continue reading

27 Apr 2017

Buying and selling property has always been a demanding process for all the parties involved. It seems a price is agreed for a property, and then the waiting game begins, where often nothing seems to happen for a good length of time, and understandably frustrations can mount.

As conveyancing solicitors in London we are acutely aware of this issue and to be honest much of the time there is no excuse for extensive delays. Continue reading

24 Apr 2017

Being property lawyers in London we watch with great interest all developments in the property market and a new report stating that bricks and mortar are at their slowest rate since 2013 really is par for the course.

House seller Rightmove’s statistics show prices sought by sellers had only increased by two per cent in the month to February 11, showing that the market seems to still be in a very stable place.

After all, we still have a growing property market and this is welcome in this time of uncertainty following the fallout after the Brexit vote last summer.

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27 Mar 2017

For many years property has been seen as a sound investment, but the government, last year made a controversial move, which made things a little more awkward. As conveyancing solicitors in London, we are being asked quite a lot about it because the landscape has changed so significantly.

The 3% duty is a loading on existing Stamp Duty rates, which took effect from April 2016 and applies to anyone that is buying additional residential properties anywhere in the UK , including Scotland, which announced a similar 3% surcharge in its own Budget. Continue reading

07 Mar 2017

It’s a competitive world out there and this is especially so in the mortgage market. Every day many London people find a better mortgage deal to save them money and then start the process of re-mortgaging.

For us at Pindoria Solicitors being very experienced conveyancing solicitors in London, this is an area of expertise and one that is much called upon.  After all, re-mortgaging a property gives people a huge amount of options. Generally, though it is done in order to raise finance or to take advantage of a healthy financial climate. Continue reading

17 Feb 2017

As experienced conveyancing solicitors who have overseen countless happy house moves over the years, we feel it vital to highlight a problem in our profession, which the public needs to be aware of. The issue centres on a total lack of legal protection when couples get together and move into a home before marriage.

Unmarried couples need to take the right action to prevent acrimonious legal rows.  If they split up before marriage, too many trusts that the course of true love will always run smooth and leave themselves open to a potential hideous property dispute. Continue reading

30 Jan 2017

Being a solicitor is an occupation that carries great responsibility.

Despite being part of a heavily regulated profession, there are those who let lawyers down and if you cared to search the web for those of disrepute who have sullied our profession, you will soon find them.

However, being a trusted London solicitor is not a reputation that comes easily in an era where trust does not seem as straightforward as it once was.
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10 Jan 2017

Recent figures from the Solicitors Regulation Authority showing that conveyancing transactions are the most affected area under attack from cyber criminals, illustrates the importance of using  trusted law firms.

Apparently, email hacks of conveyancing transactions have resulted in £7m of client losses reported in the last year and most crimes involves modifying emails directly, usually by hacking into the email system of an individual.

They then alter the client’s or conveyancing solicitors emails altering bank details, so funds go to the criminals.  Scams of this sort often take place on a Friday, as this is the time that most completions take place, whilst it also buys criminals time as the weekend helps to avoid detection. Continue reading

04 Jan 2017

Like all professions, the legal sector is always under scrutiny in this rapidly changing age.

This has been highlighted recently in The Law Society Gazette, which ran a feature about how according to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ‘interested parties,’ are concerned the legal services sector is not as it should be.

It stated that people are finding their legal needs ‘unmet’ and when people do hire a conveyancing lawyer; the CMA thinks their methodology in finding one is flawed seemingly due to a lack of information. Continue reading

24 Nov 2015

Any economic good news is to be welcomed and recent reports that monthly mortgage lending has hit a five year high certainly fit that bill.

The UK’s property market is certainly on the up again, which despite causing difficulties for those wishing to get on the ladder is generally good for the nation. The figures from the British Bankers Association showing August 2015 as being the best month for lending since August 2010. Continue reading

25 May 2015

In the media there has been much speculation as to what way the markets would react depending on the recent General Election result. Continue reading

19 Feb 2015
15 Jan 2015

Equity is a legal term for the monetary value of the property that you own. When you have outstanding mortgage to pay, part of the equity belongs to the mortgage provider and the amount that you have already paid from the mortgage is your equity. Continue reading

15 Jan 2015

Choosing conveyancing solicitors to process your property sale or purchase can be a difficult task. Without a personal recommendation or experience of using a particular solicitor on a previous occasion, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Continue reading

08 Jan 2015

Pre-Contract stage – Freehold Sale/Purchase

The estate agent will send to the seller’s solicitor a memorandum of sale providing, amongst other things, details of the solicitors acting for the buyer. Continue reading

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