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  • In recent weeks a story has made the national news in which a landmark ruling has seen a daughter awarded £164,000 after being cut out of her mother’s will.

    Heather llott’s fight has lasted since her mother Melita Jackson’s death in 2004, where she was left without a penny from the £486,000 estate, with her mother instead leaving her legacy to animal charities.
    However, in news that has made the media sit up and take notice the Court of Appeal has now ruled she should receive one third of the estate. Read More

    Posted in Dispute Resolution

    At the moment, there is calm before the storm for many family lawyers in London and beyond as we get ready for an upsurge of activity in autumn.

    It is estimated according to most statistics that more than 40 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and it is following the summer break after disastrous holidays that often action is taken. Read More

    Posted in Family Law

    As of now, there are eleven regional ‘divorce centres’ spread around the country, and the birth of them has certainly caused great media interest. Some have already criticised the move saying it is trivialising marriage. One of the critics former Conservative Minister Ann Widdecombe has likened it to “discarding an old carrier bag”. Read More

    Posted in Family Law

    For us as a law firm helping many a landlord at their wits end due to a dispute with a tenant, it can be frustrating the media image that is painted in such disputes. It generally casts the landlord as a wealthy bad guy trying to make the poor weak and innocent tenant homeless. We are often asked by Landlords to carry out lawful and effective tenant evictions. Read More

    Posted in Property

    The sad news in recent weeks that Hollywood film legend Omar Sharif is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is yet another example of how dementia in all its forms is on the increase. Read More

    Posted in Private Wealth

    Discussing unpleasant possibilities about the future is never much fun, but sometimes straight talking is needed especially around financial matters. Sadly, the devastating condition of dementia is on the increase and in light of this it seems to make sense to talk about how families can be helped in such situations. Read More

    Posted in Private Wealth

    Often I am asked as a divorce lawyer to deal with the situation when someones partner passes away. One would assume that the surviving partner would receive a share of their home as a result. Read More

    Posted in Family Law

    In the media there has been much speculation as to what way the markets would react depending on the recent General Election result. Read More

    Posted in Conveyancing

    The Government of Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has introduced a bill to the Indian Parliament which proposes to tax undisclosed foreign income and assets of Indian residents at 30 per cent, with substantial penalties and/or imprisonment for non-compliance. Read More

    Posted in International Clients
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