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  • In the media there has been much speculation as to what way the markets would react depending on the recent General Election result.

    With our involvement in both residential conveyancing and commercial property we at Pindoria Solicitor

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    The Government of Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has introduced a bill to the Indian Parliament which proposes to tax undisclosed foreign income and assets of Indian residents at 30 per cent, with substantial penalties and/or imprisonment for non-compliance.

    The Undisclosed Foreign Inco

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    The passing of a loved one leaves behind a mountain of paperwork. Registering the death and arranging the funeral is only the start of the red tape.

    The next job is to go through probate, which is the unlocking all the assets in the deceased’s estate and sharing them out among the beneficiaries.

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    Writing a will is one of the most important documents we have to think about in life. We work hard for the assets that we accumulate and it is only right that we would want to ensure that they go to the people we most care about.

    Will writing is currently unregulated; this means that one need not

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    London has for a long time been considered the divorce capital of the world due to its high concentration of big-money settlements awarded to the poorer spouse in a break up.

    This vibrant world city has meant many people from all over the globe have found fortune and happiness in London, but with

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    The new change in Capital Gains Tax is getting closer. Anyone who lives outside the UK and has a residential property in the UK either under their own personal name or by using an corporate entity is affected.

    The new charge will apply to gains from 6 April 2015.

    With effect from 1 April 2015,

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    Pre-Contract stage – Freehold Sale/Purchase

    The estate agent will send to the seller’s solicitor a memorandum of sale providing, amongst other things, details of the solicitors acting for the buyer. The seller’s solicitor will then prepare the pre-contract package to be sent to t

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    You should consider the Tier 1 Investor visa if you have at least £2 million to invest and wish to make the United Kingdom your and your families home.

    An investor must:

    – have £2,000,000 or more of their own money for investment in the UK; or

    – intend to in

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    Obtaining Judgment in your favour through the Courts does not necessarily result in the debt being paid.  There will be instances whereby the debt will be paid in accordance with the Judgment.  However, if it is not, our litigation team is on hand to offer continued

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    15 Jan 2015

    A bare or simple trust is one in which each beneficiary has an immediate and absolute title to both capital and income. The beneficiary of a bare trust is taxable on the trust income and gains. Beneficiaries must include trust income and gains in any Tax Return they are required to complete or in an

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